The Mike Lane Stories

The Mike Lane Stories ... an exciting sci-fi trilogy from Jim Melanson

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On Mars: Pathfinder

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He went to Mars alone ... but he wasn't alone when he arrived.

Mike Lane journeys over 100 million miles to Mars, to officially become the first man to make it on the Red Planet. After eight months of space travel, he arrives safely; only to have his space craft explode within six minutes after landing. It turns out he isn't alone on Mars ... and he isn't welcome.

Swedish-based company, The Corporation, planned to send a full colony crew to Mars. Before they would be allowed to do this, they had to prove that humans could indeed survive on the red planet alone. Sent on a proof of concept mission, we meet our everyday hero: Mike Lane. The plan was set for Mike to live on Mars by himself for six years, until the first full colony team was sent; however, as with anything in life, plans changed ...

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I enjoyed the subtle twists within your story; just when I was sure I had it all figured out ... well I didn't always see "What would come next" and that get me intrigued to find out more. - R. McSorely

On Mars: Murder at Hellas Planitia

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First comes love, then comes aliens, marriage, a baby ... and if that's not enough, the North Koreans show up.

As Mike is getting settled into his new surroundings, he is quickly befriended by Hlef; the beautiful, sexy, and witty alien-human hybrid; part of the clan of good aliens who are aligned with the American government, known as the Eben. Hlef helps him get settled in, and teaches him the ropes on Mars. They both quickly learn that love exceeds the boundaries of race, and that while they are quite different, they are also quite the same.

Meanwhile, the North Koreans have an agenda of their own. Bitter over Western ways, and lack of respect from the rest of the world, they engage in a partnership with the evil aliens, the Eridani. The North Koreans hope to build a colony on Mars as well, in order to dominate the planet … with the help of their new alien friends.

Then, out of nowhere, looming in the dark shadows of the galaxy, an ancient enemy of the Eben wait patiently for the perfect time to strike, and unleash an interplanetary war like none other. It is often said that revenge is “a dish best served cold”, and the Kuabatay have waited ten thousand years for dinnertime to arrive.

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Once again you provided us with a real winner, I constantly checked to see how many pages were remaining and my stress levels increased as the number of pages dwindled. - Cobus Scheepers

On Mars: Vengeance Daughter

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She's beautiful.
She's skilled.
She's deadly.
She's pissed.

... And she's looking for
the alien that
killed her mom.

Fala and her bestie, Tee, are taking names and kicking ass. On a mission from the Martian Defense Force and the Eben Protective Services, the Kuabatay leadership are dying under their hands.

Purely by chance, Fala and Tee come across a small prison in the jungle of Eridani Prime.

But, was it purely by chance?

Letting herself be captured, Fala Lane finds a single prisoner, someone thought dead for twenty-five long years. She's not worried about getting out of the prison because Tee is waiting outside, and ready to save them ... and isn't that what best friends are for?

From Mars, to Eridani Prime, to Proxima Centauri, and back to Earth. Fala & Tee's story is a tour-de-force of explosive action and heart wrenching agony as the near galaxy becomes a two-woman battleground...

...and Blitowyn of Chernasai is in their way.

Join Fala, the daughter of Mike & Hlef Lane, in the hair raising, fiery conclusion to the On Mars trilogy.

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On Mars: Vengeance Daughter, does what science fiction is supposed to do: capture our attention, speculate about the wild possibilities, and take us just beyond our previous imaginings. - Cobus Scheepers

On Mars: The Complete Trilogy

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All three volumes
in one convenient eBook.

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The Umite Imperative

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ISBN: 978-0-9949203-3-1
Pages: 684
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You read about the Men in Black in
the On Mars Trilogy...

Now it's time for their tale to be told...

She was alone, pregnant, and was sent to an alien planet ...

Sepherin Tekin came to Earth with a simple job ... kill the Eridani. But simple jobs are rarely simple, especially when the Imperite Guards, the MIB, start messing with things.

Learn about the Umites, the Men in Black, the policemen of the galaxy. They don't all look like freaks -- some of them look like you and me.

This story of friendship, love, betrayal, and revelations hits the ground running and keeps the pace up right to the explosive climax.
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